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You are reading the first edition of the Roasting House Newsletter. In order to keep our clients, partners, and friends informed about our latest news, recipes, top ten lists, and best employee, among others, we have decided to do a newsletter once a month.


In this newsletter, you’ll find out about what’s been happening at Roasting House nationally and Globally. It is also a good way to stay in touch with us, and share with us your concerns and recommendations, as well as your ideas for new products. This is a platform that you all can use to refer others to it, us and our products and services.


If you haven’t checked in with us lately, I think you’ll be surprised and excited about all the wonderful things happening at Zoara INC. and Roasting House.  We hope to hear from you soon, and we welcome your feedback!

It all started with a food Newsletter focusing on out fresh products packaging, then we created our own turns like Dates dipped in Chocolate, dragée Chocolate and ended it with Flavored Olive Oil, and 3 new Za’atar Flavors. Despite its start and labeling, still this Newsletter will focus on our other services such as Packaging, House-Keeping and Catering.


In every issue there will be a “Recipe of the Month” article showcasing the different flavors that can be cooked with our products, as well as a section on “Spotlight” where we will showcase a product, an employee, a new product, a new success story nationally or globally.


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