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Zoara INC has established its reputation as one of Jordan’s leading companies in customer satisfaction and first-class services. Quality and integrity epitomize Zoara management philosophy, which aims to provide competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We serve many facilities throughout the country and employ over (170) one hundred seventy full and part-time personnel. Our diverse services include Food, Catering, building-maintenance, Cleaning & janitorial services, insects combating services, as well as Packaging services.

For the past fourteen years, we were able to attract a number of clients, have also established supplier relationships and strategic partnerships that contribute to our quality delivery and enhance the added value of our services, and organized camps. Even in today’s dot-com world, some things remain timeless; Dedication to quality, Outstanding service and a deep understanding of exactly who our customers are and what their needs and wants are in order to build an enduring, loyal customer network. We consistently deliver quality to our clients and have built the best brand portfolio in the industry. Our expertise, innovation and real-time delivery are unparalleled. Zoara is motivated to keep our valued customers reaching for an even brighter future.

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"Being an authentic organic food supplier comes with
conviction that comes far deeper than profit margins."


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Our secret really comes down by setting a goal of serving our clients the best and with the highest quality. We work on having monthly training to our staff in the cleaning and food industries. Being up to date with latest market trends and always working on developing our products to meet our clients need. 

Success at anything is not achieved by winning all the time. We have been in the market for over 25 years and it is due to our stretching to the challenges of economic market that we worked hard to cope with and overcome the challenges with our great team. 


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At Zoara and Roasting House we regard our partners as our Strategic Business Partners. The relationship with our “Strategic Business Partners” is built on trust being an integral factor in the ability to successfully create and deliver good work which meets and exceeds expectations. Added to that mutual respect which is an unwavering tenet in our relationship. With mutual respect the very best work is done, and pioneering services is affected. Additionally, with Equal stake and thus equal responsibility all involvements in projects are viewed and practiced as equal shareholders. This means both have an equal stake should it become a success, and both have an equal responsibility should it be a failure.

A “Win-Win” view to conflict resolution is the basis of all great relationships will have conflicts from time to time. That is just a fact of life! All conflicts and obstacles are resolved as a Win-Win situation for both sides. Regarding our clients as our strategic business partners allows us to talk solutions not problems. Thus, no problem will be ignored, especially problems that might impact the other’s success or well-being. Such problems are then only tabled with solutions closely following behind. We assure all our “Strategic Business Partners” have each other’s best interests at heart. This means when it comes to the very difficult decisions putting the “Strategic Business Partners” first is always our first yardstick.

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