Our Services


Zoara INC has established its reputation as one of Jordan’s leading companies in customer satisfaction and first-class services. Quality and integrity epitomize Zoara management philosophy, which aims to provide competitive pricing and excellent customer service. We serve many facilities throughout the country and employ over (170) one hundred seventy full and part-time personnel. Our diverse services include Food, Catering, building-maintenance, Cleaning & janitorial services, insects combating services, as well as Packaging services.


For the past fourteen years, we were able to attract a number of clients, have also established supplier relationships and strategic partnerships that contribute to our quality delivery and enhance the added value of our services, and organized camps. Even in today’s dot-com world, some things remain timeless; Dedication to quality, Outstanding service and a deep understanding of exactly who our customers are and what their needs and wants are in order to build an enduring, loyal customer network. We consistently deliver quality to our clients and have built the best brand portfolio in the industry.  Our expertise, innovation and real-time delivery are unparalleled. Zoara is motivated to keep our valued customers reaching for an even brighter future.

Store category icon House Keeping

If you are looking for a cleaning service,you have reached the right place. Let’s do the work.

We serve different businsses:

  • Factories
  • Banks
  • Embassies
  • Companies 

Our Services include:

  • Cleaning new buildings
  • Windows from outside for high buildings
  • Specialized with ATM cleaning service
  • Insects Combat service

We do it, through:

  • Quarter and yearly contracts, under a work schedule
  • Hiring well-trained professional workers
  • Available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Our Clients:

  • Ahli Bank including all its branches throughout the Kingdom
  • Jordan Commercial Bank, all branches in Jordan
  • Jordan Electrical Co. head offices in West Amman 
  • Italian Cooperation for Development Office – Amman
  • International Federation of Red Cross Society
  • Advocate Laith Haddad office

Store category icon Catering

Zoara is Jordan's premier catering company, our commitment toward providing the best food and service, and our permanent passion for the catering business, will make your daily corporate hot and cold meals. Ensuring freshness, maximum quality and innovative dishes.

We select and train the finest chefs available and we employ highly experienced service and support staff to ensure that all your staff requirements and taste buds are fully met

Store category icon  Sorting and Packaging

Of all the packaging methods available we have opted for our own products to go with vacuum packaging in tin containers, instead of plastic containers. This type of packaging has proven that it limits Food-packaging interaction (corrosion, migration, gas and water vapor permeability).

Our Safe food packaging Methodology Our package provides protection, tampering resistance, and special physical, chemical, or biological needs. It bears a nutrition facts label and other information about the food. Our labels carry information for the consumer.

Our 3Ps of packaging At Zoara we wholeheartedly believe that our packaging is based on the “Three P's” – protection, preservation, and promotion. Our in-house Packaging exists to serve all three elements.

Packaging for exports After our proven success, increased sales, and the ease of accessing new countries, we are in the process of extending our know-how and experience to offer our packaging solutions to other Jordanian companies interested to package their products for export purposes.

Did you know: Special food contact materials are used when the package is in direct contact with the food product. Depending on the packaging operation and the food, packaging machinery often needs specified daily wash-down and cleaning procedures.

Store category icon  General Trading

We deal in Food and Beverages. In Food, we have trading and distributing nuts, herbs and pets food. We distribute all our products to more than 4000 retail outlets across Jordan – namely Hypermarkets, Coops, Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, Gyms, Schools and Groceries.