What is new about Roasting House

Finally, came the day when Roasting House saw the light as a separate entity and not merely a brand name for some products. High quality, freshness and quality you can taste and enjoy for 2 years. Now, Roasting House is in the Spotlight as a New Pioneering Player in the Food Industry.


Empowered with 15+ Years of experience, artistic viewpoint about value, coupled with attractively packaged products with value clear on its labels.  Our products reflect the taste of Jordan, they remind you and allow you to enjoy Home away from Home. It is home in all travelers’ homes as well as a Gift which can be given to your loved ones. In addition to the above, we strive, day-in, day-out to enhance user experience and add value wherever possible, by adding new categories with creative ideas in-tune with needs and time.


A little history will only shed more light on the truth of Roasting House. Roasting House, a name related to our first Shop established in Amman in the year 2009 and was the beginning of Zoara Inc.’s focus on new products besides Dates and Olive Oil.


We started by coining this name as our brand name for Za’atar, Arabic Sweets, and Nuts, due to the fact that we found this name to be both easy to remember as well as easy to pronounce without any confusion. Later-on, and due to the increased success of Roasting House products both nationally and globally, we decided to spin it into a new company under Zoara Group umbrella.


Why Roasting House:

  • Best ingredients, fresh local produce
  • Fresh, made in Jordan and not imported
  • Order Online for Delivery, Or Pick-up!
  • Certified to deliver the best value and taste
  • Nutritional value, 2 years expiry date