What is new with Roasting House Zaatar

New packaging, as we replaced the plastic cans into metal ones.

This means that it will make it easier for travelers to carry with them and not be worried that the plastic container will break, also they will insure that they have enough time to store it waiting for their loved ones to come and visit them. Now, it is guaranteed that the Za’atar will remain as fresh as the day it was mixed for 2 years; Not only because it is beautifully canned, but also it is Vacuumed with nitrogen flushed, then vacuum-sealed to keep it fresh for long lasting.


New labeling with attractive logo design that will stand-out in your pantry as well as on the shelf. The label carries all pertinent information with expiry date to ensure the needed value it promises. So, what you have with RH’s Za’atar is a home-made produce with high quality coupled with two years shelf life instead of one year. It all starts with fresh Jordanian Thyme picked by Jordanian Women, then mixed and packed-by humans but sealed by state-of-the-art machines.  Ending up with Roasting House Za’atar; a success story from the first bite